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The above product information is in our catalogue called “Handbook of Industrial Spray Nozzles and Accessories”. Products listed within this handbook are not necessarily from quality assured sources. Customers should specify their quality assurance requirements when placing orders.

Flow rate information is based on the performance obtained from the spray nozzles when tested using clean water at a temperature of 13-18°C.

Flow rates are intended as an approximate guide to the performance that may be expected when spray nozzles are operated under the conditions indicated and variations can occur, particularly with liquids of varying viscosity and specific gravity. Illustrations and tabulated information shown in this publication are for guidance only. Hypro EU bears no responsibility for the misuse of the information contained within this handbook. For applications requiring critical data, Hypro EU’s technical department will be pleased to assist. Information in this publication is believed to be correct at time of going to press. Hypro EU reserves the right to alter conditions and specifications without notice.

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