Highest impact nozzles for best value cleaning

A newly engineered nozzle proven to create a spray with 16% higher impact than leading competitor brands making it ideal for demanding pressure washing operations where less water and pump power are needed to achieve required cleaning results.

With a uniform, evenspray pattern and flows up to 65 l/min the new High Pressure Wash Nozzles are ideal for use in car washing, hard surface cleaning, vehicle washing, conveyor washing, building disinfection, drain cleaning, graffiti removal, food processing and label removal operations.

According to Industrial Product Sales Manager Paul Herbert;
“We assessed the impact of our High Pressure nozzle along with 4 leading competitor nozzles. Working with a specialist manufacturer of impact sensing equipment we were able to measure the impact of each spray across 1936 sensors, each one taking 50 readings per second. The results showed that our new Hypro design achieved 16% more impact pressure and a highly consistent impact across the spray footprint.  Other nozzles tended to fall off towards the edges of the spray pattern reducing their overall impact performance”.

Hypro High Pressure Nozzles are made from hardened 416 stainless steel for durability. They are a one piece design with BSP or NPT male thread and a hex body makes for fast fitting without the risk of distortion of the orifice. Part numbers are permanently etched on the nozzle face for ease of identification when fitted in spraying location. Popular spray angles 0░, 15░ 25░ and 40░ and flow rates are available from Hypro stock and others can be made to order.

Hypro's high pressure nozzles are suitable for a wide range of equipment including car wash and pressure washers manufactured by Karcher, Nilfisk-Alto, Kranzle, Bosch, Makita, Kew, Neilsen, Northstar, Hilti, Lavor, Cleanwell, Gerni, Wap, Frank, Brendon, Mosmatic, PA, Hydrotek, Mac 2 Allister, Interpump, Merlion, Mermaid, Honda, Cobra, Sigma, Zeta, NPX, LKX, Tekna and JWD.

Also new to the European market are Hypro’s Sudden Impact« rotating spray nozzles. The 0░ jet concentrates the spray in a rotating 24 or 30 degree pattern giving very high impact. This gives for exceptional cleaning results that means less time and less water is required. Sudden Impact« nozzles are manufactured with forged brass or Stainless steel housing and precision engineered tungsten carbide bearing.  Wear characteristics are exceptional with up to 5 times longer life than comparable nozzles in durability trials. Sudden impact nozzles are offered with a standard ╝ inch BSP or NPT thread.

Full details are available at www.highpressurenozzles.co.uk

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