Bespoke Nozzle Manufacture
Most industrial nozzles are bespoke

There are tens of thousands of options available to address the variation in nozzle flow, pressure, material, connectivity and fitting requirements so most of the nozzles that we make are for specific applcations.

We also offer Centrifugal, Roller, Flexible Impeller, Plunger, Diaphragm and Gear Pumps from Hypro, Shurflo, Nocchi and AR and supply many other spraying components. Nozzles can be incorporated into fully characterised and tested 'ready to spray' spraybar assemblies.

Exact nozzle specification is important

The nozzle geometry determines the spray that is produced. Small variations will alter flow, droplet size/velocity, impact and spray pattern, all of which are critical to getting the desired spraying performance. The choice of material must be compatible with the fluids being sprayed. The value of the fluid and process will far exceed the cost of the nozzle so it is important to get nozzle specification right.

Choose Hypro to design and make your bespoke nozzles

We will design and manufacturer your nozzle at one location near Cambridge where we have been making nozzles since 1954. Our team is experienced and will quickly understand your needs to be able to design a suitable nozzle. In many cases we will have a nozzle design that can meet your requirement with just a minor modification. We also know what's possible so can advise on the best way to go.

We have the equipment needed to design and test nozzles including a rapid prototype facility that allows designs to be sprayed within hours of being finalised. We can analyse spray drops, check spray patterns and make 3D non-contact measurements -all at our Cambridge site.

When a nozzle is ready to move on to manufacture, we have the choice of either machining or moulding depending on the quantity required and both manufacturing methods can be fully automated to run 24 hours a day  Our on-site tool room combines the latest technology with a highly experienced team of toolmakers to manufacturer nozzles to 8 micron tolerance, a level of precision that is essential for accurate spray deposition to be achieved.

Hypro are your ideal partner when you are considering new spraying equipment. Please call us now on  01954 260097 or e-mail at

Hypro supply bespoke nozzles for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications, including; fire protection, street sweeping, line marking, coating, odour control, and cleaning machinery in a wide range of industries including dairy, automotive parts, steel, food, waste and paper manufacturing.